Leaving Certificate Business

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People In Business
Management (1)
Management (2)
Business In Action
Domestic Environment

Leaving Certificate Business Syllabus:

Unit 1: People in Business

1.1 People in  Business

1.2 The Consumer

1.3 Employers and Employees - Conflict resolution - Industrial Relations - Conflict resolution

Unit 2 Enterprise

2.1 Enterprise

Unit 3 Management 1

3.1 Intro to Management - Characteristics, skills, Leading & Motivation

3.2 Into to Management - Communication

3.3 Management Activities - Planning, Organising & Controlling

Unit 4 Management 2

4.1 Managing 2: Finance Management

4.2 Managing: Insurance & Taxation

4.3 Monitoring the busines (Ratio Analysis)

4.4 Human Resource Management

4.5 Managing Change

Unit 5 Business In Action

5.1 Identifying Opportunities

5.2 Getting Started

5.3 Marketing

5.4 Business Expansion

Unit 6 Domestic Environment

6.2 Categories Of Industry

6.2 Ownership Structures

6.3 Business, Government And Economy

6.4 Community Enterprise Development

6.5 Business Ethics And Social Responsibility

Unit 7 International Environment

7.1 International Trade

7.2 The European Union

7.3 Global Business


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