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The goal of this website is to create a set of resources that will help the Business, Economics and Business Studies to learn more about the subject and to help them with their state exams.

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Teachers, if you have resources that you are willing to share for free .... I'd be dlighted to hear from you.



A set of resources that covers the course to Leaving Certifcate honours level. This set of resources also includes assistance for the student on how to complete the ABQ. 



As per new guidelines: Economics is the study of the processes and decisions that influence the production and consumption of goods and services by individuals, firms, governments and other institutions in an economy. Therefore, economics is often described as a way of thinking about how people interact in a society, how they make decisions and foster relationships

Business Studies


A set of resources that covers the new Business Studies syllabus. There are plenty of resources for students to use.

Providing resources for free:

The goal is to provide the resources at no cost for the student. There are costs associated with maintaining this website.  On a point of principle, I do not want to charge students for access to these resources. If you are in a position to make a donation / support with some sponsorship to off-set the costs involved with maintaining the website, then please contact me if you think it may be of interest to you. 

I would like to create a 'Wall of Honour' page highlighting those who have helped to contribute to the funding  of this site thus being able to keep it going.

A challenge for users: (Random Act of Kindness)

This resource is provided for free by a teacher for your benefit. As a teacher, I'd like you to consider undertaking an activity as a return for the provision of this resource. 

In true ' one good turn deserves another' format, I'm asking you to consider being a supporter of being part of a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) activity. Instead of asking you to pay for this resource, I'd like you to do something small and kind for someone else. You decide what is needed and you decide when to do it. 

You are the future business people of tomorrow and wouldn't it be great if it became the norm to do the right thing naturally?

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