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Research Project.

Important Updates:

Choosing a topic:

Available for downloading:

The attached links are a starting point giving help on how to best choose a topic for a college-based academic study.

Your research project will not need to be anywhere near this comprehensive but it does give a good benchmark on the standard required at third level.

We can assume that the Dept. of Education will give further details on what is expected and those requirements will take priority over any of the advice given here.


1. Take your time on choosing a topic.

2. Choose a topic that you have a strong interest in.

3. Choose a topic that you understand.

4. Make sure that accurate data is available.

5. Make sure that you can validate the data used. (Find other appropriate sources as well as sources with contrasting opinions.)

6. Make sure that you have up to date data. (You may need to compare it with older data.)

7. Gather your data and store it securely. Make sure you reference all data sources.

8. Collate your data. Break it down into different categories / headings / sections.

9. Analyse your data and examine themes, patterns, links and theories. Can you find hidden influences? Make sense of the data.

10. Prepare your findings. What did you find out. what was good / bad / unexpected?

11. Publish your findings. Use an appropriate media to make your point / argument / findings.

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